Finding a Place

Abraham’s son, Isaac, had trouble finding a place to live. When he tried to stay somewhere, the people there would fight with him. They wanted him to leave. Did Isaac ever find a place to live? Genesis 25:22 tells us about that. “Isaac moved from there and dug another well. No one came to argue about this well. So Isaac named it Rehoboth. He said, ‘Now the Lord has found a place for us. We will grow and be successful in this place.’”

Maybe you feel like you can’t find your “place” in life? Maybe you are not trying to find a place to live, like Isaac. Instead, you don’t know what kind of job you should have. Or maybe you don’t know what God wants you to do. Maybe you are frustrated because nothing seems to happen the way you plan.

Isaac didn’t give up. When people forced him to move, he found a new place. Finally he found a place where he had peace. He found the place God wanted him to be.

When you have trouble finding your “place” in life, don’t become angry or discouraged. Trust God. Keep trying to find your “place.” Keep trying to learn what God wants. If you trust Him, He will show you.