Sometimes a bolt of lightning will strike a tree in the forest. Soon the whole area will be on fire. If these fires cannot be stopped right away, many acres of trees can be destroyed. Sometimes the fires also reach homes and other buildings. These terrible happenings teach us that fire can spread very fast.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus was ready to return to heaven. He gave some instructions to His disciples. Jesus told them to teach and baptize other people. Then these new Christians were to tell other people about Jesus. The Good News about Jesus should quickly spread to other people like fire spreads through a forest.
It is our job to help spread the Good News to other people. God has given each person different talents. We can use these skills to tell others about Jesus. One of my talents is writing. I can use my writing to teach people about God’s love and His plan of salvation. Maybe your talent is cooking or singing in signs or teaching children. Use these skills to spread the Good News about Jesus.