First Harvests

Have you ever grown a vegetable garden? Maybe you had corn, tomatoes, carrots and peas in your garden. A good garden requires a lot of work – breaking up the soil, planting the seeds, watering and caring for the plants, pulling the weeds and picking the vegetables at harvest time.
But the best thing happens after the harvest – eating the first ears of corn or the tender leaves of lettuce. All the hard work of a garden is rewarded with the harvest.
In our Bible Reading, God told the Israelites to bring the first of their crops as a sacrifice to Him. Usually the first vegetables, fruit or grain of the harvest were the very best. Why did God want them to do this? Because He gave the Israelites everything they had. And He wanted them to show their thankfulness by giving back part of their blessings.
Everything we have today comes from God. He has blessed us with our bodies and with many possessions. We should be like the Israelites. We should give God the best of our time, our talent and our possessions.