Pharaoh still refused to obey, so God sent another plague. This was a plague of flies. Exodus 8:24 explains what happened. “So the Lord did just what he said. Millions of flies came into Egypt. The flies were in Pharaoh’s house, and they were in all his officials’ houses. They were all over Egypt. The flies were ruining the country.” But God did not allow the flies to go where the Israelites lived.

People who live near cattle feed lots often have a problem with flies during the summer. The flies come into their houses. They fly around their heads and some even bite them. It can be a bad experience. I wouldn’t want to have “millions of flies” around me!

God removed the flies, but Pharaoh still refused to free the Israelites. After all these bad things happened, I would think Pharaoh would want to get rid of the Israelites and the plagues. But he kept on being stubborn. Because of Pharaoh’s stubbornness, God had more opportunities to show His power over people and nature.

Maybe you are facing some bad situations. God can take those bad situations and use them to show other people His power, love and mercy. Ask God to help you be a witness for Him today.