Flower Garden (1)

I love flowers, and every year I plant a flower garden. I love to sit in my garden and look at the beautiful colors. Today we will begin a series of devotions about my flower garden. These devotions are based on verses from the book of James.
I enjoy looking at all the flowers God has made. Each flower is different in color and shape. Some flowers are called “annuals.” This means that they only live for one season. These flowers are temporary. After they die, they will not grow again. I still enjoy these flowers. But I know that next year, I will need to plant more.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that our lives are temporary, too. Maybe it seems like we have many years to live. But we do not know what will happen tomorrow or next month or next year. So what should we do? We should follow God and tell others about Him.
The flowers in my garden only live for a short time. But I still take care of them. I need to take care of my life, too. I hope that you are following and obeying God today.