Flower Garden (3)

Water is very important for my flower garden. Without water, my flowers become weak and die. If my flowers do not have water, they are no longer beautiful.
Water is necessary for my flowers. In the same way, the Bible is necessary for our lives. The Bible tells us how we should live and how we can obey God. But if we don’t pay attention to the Bible, we become lazy and forget about what is right and wrong. Then it is easy to turn away from God and start making wrong choices.
God shows us His wisdom through the Bible. Verse 5 of our Bible Reading says, “But if any of you needs wisdom, then you should ask God for it. God is generous. He enjoys giving to all people. So God will give you wisdom.” When we receive God’s wisdom from the Bible and apply it to our lives, we can become spiritually strong.
You need God’s Word today so that you can grow spiritually. Be sure to take time to read the Bible. Then do what it says!