Flower Garden (5)

When I buy new flowers for my garden, I always read the tags on the flowerpots. The tags tell me what kind of sunlight the flowers need. Some flowers need to be planted in an area that has sunlight all day. Others need more shade. But all my flowers need some light to survive.
The world is full of sin. That is like darkness. But people who follow God live in the light of His goodness and love. Our Bible Reading today reminds us of two things about God: 1) All good things come from Him; and 2) He never changes.
We need to have God’s light in our lives. We need God’s blessings and help. God gives us many blessings every day. But the greatest blessing that God gives us is forgiveness of sins through His Son, Jesus. We need to have a relationship with God so we can receive this wonderful blessing.
Be thankful that God blesses you and that He never changes. And depend on His light to guide you every day.