Flowers (1)

Today and for the next few days we will talk about some of my favorite flowers. I love to look at all flowers, but there are some that I especially enjoy.
One of my favorite flowers is a rose. Roses are wonderful to look at, and they smell wonderful. But they also have a bad side. Roses have thorns. Often I have reached out to pick a rose and been pricked by its thorns.
Roses are like our lives here on earth. Just as roses have beautiful petals and nasty thorns, we have good times and bad times in our lives. In our Bible verse today, Paul talks about some of the things he faced in life. But Paul was not unhappy. He had learned to be satisfied and thankful, no matter what was happening in his life.
You may be facing some difficult situations in your life today. Depend on God to take care of you and give you strength each day!