Flowers (2)

I love lilacs — especially their sweet smell! I have several lilac bushes right outside my living room window. In the spring I like to open that window and smell the beautiful lilacs.
Sometimes I cut lilac branches and bring them into my house. I put them in a vase with water and enjoy their wonderful aroma all day long. But the next morning, the lilacs in my house are dying. The small flowers are wilted and they no longer smell good.
Lilacs that have been cut from a bush do not last very long. They remind me of what James says in our Bible Reading today. “Your life is like a fog. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away” (verse 14b). We do not know what will happen tomorrow. We may live or we may die.
Because we don’t know how long we will live on earth, we need to use our time every day to serve God. Think about things you can do for God today. Love and obey Him every minute of your day.