Flowers (4)

When I lived in upstate New York, I would often see huge fields of sunflowers. These sunflowers grew very tall, with large flower heads.
One thing that was truly amazing was to watch the sunflower buds throughout a day. In the morning, the buds would face east. During the day, they would slowly turn to face the sun in the south. In early evening, the sunflowers would face the setting sun. This process is called heliotropism.
God made sunflowers to need the sun so they can grow and produce many seeds. In the same way, God made us to need Him! All people — even people who do not follow God — need to have Him living and working in their lives.
In our Bible Reading, the writer of this Psalm thought that he needed to live like other people in the world. But then he realized that all he really needed in his life was God. Think about what you need today.