Flowers (5)

The last flower I want to talk about is a dandelion. Maybe you think that dandelions are weeds, but they are flowers designed by God.
Dandelions seem to grow everywhere in the spring here in Iowa. One day there are no dandelions in the yard. The next day the grass is covered with them. I love to remember the times when my children would pick dandelions in our yard and bring them to me. “Here, Mommy! We picked a flower for you.”
But the beauty of dandelions soon is gone. The yellow petals fall off and leave a puffy white ball. This ball is made up of seeds that will produce new dandelions. These seeds easily blow in the wind and are scattered far away to start new plants.
Jesus gave us a command in our Bible verses today. We should share the Good News about Jesus with everyone we meet. We should be like the dandelion and spread “seeds” about Jesus wherever we go. Will you be like a dandelion today?