Do you know what will happen tomorrow or next week? We don’t know the future. But some people want to learn about the future. Sometimes these people go to fortune tellers or they read their horoscopes in the newspaper. But fortune tellers and horoscopes can’t really tell us about the future.
One of my favorite balloon creations is the cartoon character, Snoopy, as a pilot. This reminds me that airplane pilots cannot always see where they are going. When they fly in the clouds or in the darkness, they cannot see very far. And, they may be flying 500 or 600 miles per hour. That is scary! Pilots must trust the instruments on the plane and the control tower to guide them.
We don’t know all that is going to happen in our lives or in our world. But God knows what will happen. He knows the future. So God tells us to trust and depend on Him. We can trust Him to safely lead us through our lives.