Focus on God (1)

Several years ago I had a dog that liked to chase other animals. Often she would try to catch a squirrel or a bird or a rabbit.

One day I was riding my horse. I took my dog with me. She saw a deer and started to chase it. I called to her and told her to stop. But she did not listen to me. She ran farther and farther away from me. I was worried. We were several miles from home. I was afraid she would become lost. My dog did not think about being last. She only thought about chasing the deer.

God does not want us to sin. But sometimes we ignore God and His Word. Then we make wrong choices. We forget that what we are doing is wrong. Our Bible verses today remind us to pay attention to God and not let anything stop us from obeying Him.

I do not want to be like my dog. She focused on the deer instead of obeying me. I want to focus on God and obeying His Word, the Bible. Then I will be sure to please God.