Focus on Jesus

1480057200Last night I remembered that my husband had recently bought some ice cream. I looked in the freezer, but I could not find the ice cream. I was puzzled, but I kept on looking. Finally I found the ice cream – in the refrigerator! So I had a bowl of very soft ice cream!
Sometimes we are distracted in our everyday life. Then we may forget to do things or we may put things in the wrong place. But it is really bad when we become distracted in our spiritual life. Our Bible verses compare life to a race. If a runner becomes distracted and wanders off the course, he will not win the race. In the same way, if we become distracted from following Jesus, we become spiritually weak. Then it is easier to give in to the devil’s temptations.
It is important for you to focus on your family and your job today. But it is even more important for you to keep focused on Jesus. Don’t let the distractions of the world stop you from following Him.