Follow Directions

When I was a young bride, I started cooking meals for my husband. I had a class in high school that taught me how to cook, but I still had problems preparing a good meal. Sometimes I took shortcuts or made up my own recipes. One day I decided to follow the directions in a cookbook exactly. Then the food I prepared was much better.
Sometimes we try to make up our own rules in life. We try living like a movie star or following a book written by a famous person. Usually those things lead us away from God, not closer to Him.
Through the years I have learned that the way to please God is to follow His directions. We can find His directions in the Bible. Our Bible Reading today tells us how to be happy, be successful and please God. “A good person loves the Lord’s teachings. He thinks about them day and night” (verse 2).
Get into God’s Word, the Bible, today — read it, study it and obey it!