Follow God

In our Bible verses today, Joshua encouraged the Israelites to continue following God. The people who lived near the Israelites did not follow God. They worshiped false gods and idols. Joshua didn’t want God’s people to serve and worship other gods.
You probably know many people who are not Christians. It is good for you to be their friend and show them God’s love. But be careful that they do not influence you to stop worshiping God.
The Christians who lived in the city of Corinth were surrounded by people who worshiped false gods. Paul told them in 2 Corinthians 6:14, “You are not the same as those who don’t believe. So don’t join yourselves to them. Good and evil don’t belong together. Light and darkness cannot share the same room.”
Remember Joshua’s command and Paul’s words today. Be careful that you don’t forget God. Obey and worship only Him.