Follow Jesus

Some of the words of an old hymn (song) are: “Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus. Anywhere, everywhere, I will follow on.” Many Christians have sung this hymn since it was written years ago.
Singing/signing the words of a song are easy. Doing what those words say is difficult. Jesus promised that His followers would have peace, joy and eternal life. But He did not say that it would be easy to follow Him. Jesus knew that sometimes Christians must do things that they do not want to do. Or, Christians must give up things so they can follow Jesus.
I hope that you are truly following Jesus today. But maybe something is keeping you from having a close relationship with Jesus. Maybe there is some sin in your life that is bothering you. Maybe you have not made Jesus the most important part of your life.
Make sure that Jesus is most important in your life. Take time every day to talk to Him through prayer. Pay attention to Jesus’ words in the Bible. Focus on Jesus and never turn away.