Follow the Leader

My friend has a dog named Larry. Recently my friend got another dog. This dog is a puppy, and his name is Brutus. Larry and Brutus share a kennel. Brutus follows Larry everywhere he goes.

But Larry has always had the bad habit of running away. Sometimes he likes to escape the yard and visit the neighborhood dogs. So now when Larry runs away, Brutus follows close behind him. They are playing a game of “follow the leader.”

Sometimes we play “follow the leader,” too. We may try to do what our friends do or be like people we see on TV. God knew that His people, the Israelites, liked to follow the people in other nations. Exodus 23:2 tells us one of the laws He gave to the Israelites.“Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. If you see a group of people doing wrong, don’t join them. You must not let them persuade you to do wrong things — you must do what is right and fair.”

As Christians, Jesus should be our only leader. Other people can lead us to sin and fall away from God. But if we keep paying attention to Jesus and His Word, He will lead us in the right way. Ask Jesus to be your leader today!