Forget God – No Hope

If you want to find something that will hold you up and support you, would you use a spider’s web? Why not? Verse 15 of our Bible Reading gives us the answer. “When they lean against it, it will break. When they reach out for it, it will not hold them up.”
People in the world today are searching for someone they can trust. They want someone they can depend on to help them and save them. Often these people forget God. Instead, they depend on leaders of false religions or people who have wealth and fame.
Verse 12 compares these people to plants that dry up before the harvest. And verse 13b says that they have no hope. People who forget God have no hope of His blessings or salvation.
It’s your decision today. Do you want to forget God and have nothing to look forward to? Or do you want to serve Him and experience His wonderful blessings, now and forever?