Forgive Others

When a person says something bad about his friend and hurts his feelings, the devil wants this person to feel that he is worth nothing. The devil wants him to think, “No one loves me. I am no good. I can never be forgiven.” Then that person feels he is all alone, and the devil tempts him even more.

As Christians, we should not let that situation happen. When someone hurts us, we should forgive them and help them restore our relationship.

Paul talks about this kind of situation in 2 Corinthians, chapter 2. Paul says that when someone does something wrong, we should forgive them and encourage them. That will keep them from being sad and giving up completely. In 2 Corinthians 2:10, Paul continues talking about forgiveness. “If you forgive someone, then I also forgive them. And what I have forgiven — if I had anything to forgive — I forgave it for you, and Christ was with me.”

We should want to be like Jesus. He came to earth to heal and forgive people. When someone sins against us, we need to forgive them and show them God’s love. Be sure to be loving and forgiving today!