When we sin, we hurt our relationship with God. God hates sin, and He does not want us to sin. But God has made a way that our sins can be forgiven.
Verse 21 of our Bible Reading says, “Christ had no sin. But God made him become sin. God did this for us, so that in Christ we could become right with God.” When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are brought into a close relationship with God. But after we become Christians, we continue to sin. Then we ask God to forgive us, and Jesus’ blood covers our sins.
Another problem that can happen when we sin is that our relationship with another person may be hurt. Maybe our sin was lying to a friend. We need to ask God for forgiveness. Then we need to go to that person and ask them to forgive us, too.
God’s forgiveness is not something that we deserve. But through God’s grace, we can have forgiveness and live forever with Him. Praise God today for His forgiveness and grace!