Suppose that each person was born with a video recorder in their head. And every time a person sinned, that recorder would turn on and record their sin. Then when they died and faced God, the recorder would show all their sins.
If that was true, we would probably stand before God and make excuses, “But I was a good person. I went to church every week, and I helped poor people.” But our excuses would not take away our sins. We would be humbled and ashamed.
God’s forgiveness is our only hope. God’s forgiveness is free and complete. Jesus died on the cross so we can have a way for God to forgive our sins. Verse 8 of our Bible Reading says, “The Lord saves us again and again. And the Lord will forgive Israel for all their sins.”
God forgives me, even when I sin again and again. I should remember this when other people hurt me. I need to be like God and forgive other people.
Ask God to forgive your sins. And be sure to forgive others.