Our Bible verses today are about a servant who owed a lot of money to the king. The servant owed so much money that he could never pay it back.
When the servant talked with the king, he did not ask for forgiveness of his debt. Instead, he asked for more time to pay the money he owed. Then, when the king forgave his debt, the servant showed no humility or thankfulness. In fact, that servant went out and did not show mercy to someone who owed him money.
Some people today are like that servant. When they realize that they have sinned, they do not ask God for forgiveness. Instead, they think that they can do good deeds to pay for their sins. Then, when they know that God is willing to forgive their sins, they are not humble and willing to forgive others.
Accept God’s wonderful gift of forgiveness. And then be willing to show forgiveness to others.