If you put a wooden box in water, the wood will soak up the water. In time, the wood will swell and rot. Eventually, the box will be destroyed.
A similar thing happens when we are angry toward another person. If we hold onto our anger, it will damage our attitudes and the way we treat other people. If we refuse to forgive someone who has hurt us, that bitterness can destroy us.
In our Bible verses, Jesus commanded us to forgive. Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone. Jesus said, “You must continue to forgive them even if they do wrong to you seventy-seven times” (verse 22b). Jesus was saying that we should forgive other people again and again.
If someone has hurt you, I encourage you to focus on Jesus, not on your hurt feelings. If you focus on Jesus, He will give you the courage to forgive the other person. He will give you His peace and help you put away your anger and bitterness.