Imagine that you have a beautiful son. He is your only child. You love him so much. This son never does anything wrong. He grows up to be a humble, honest, wonderful man. This son loves every person. He is kind and helpful.

Now imagine that people tease your son. They bring your son before a judge. But the judge is afraid of the people, so he says that your son must die.

You watch all of this. Your heart is breaking. When the people start to kill your son, he says to you, “These people do not understand what they are doing. Please forgive them!” Wow! It would be very difficult to forgive those people.

But that’s exactly what happened when Jesus died. Luke 23:34 tells us what Jesus said to God. “Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.’ The soldiers threw dice to divide Jesus’ clothes between them.” Jesus could have asked God to punish the people who were killing Him. Instead, He asked God to forgive them.

God wants you to be like Jesus. He wants you to forgive people when they do something bad to you. Ask God to help you be forgiving today