One day I decided that I needed to remove the weeds from my garden. The weeds were ugly, and they were stopping my plants from growing. There were many weeds. I worked very hard to pull up each weed. When I was finished, I looked at my hands. They were completely covered with dirt!
As I cleaned my hands, I saw the dirt washing away. When I was finished washing my hands, they looked like they had never been dirty. I started thinking about my sins. God is like the water that washed away the dirt from my hands. No matter how sinful I am, God can still forgive my sins.
Our Bible Reading today is about people who “washed their robes” (verse 12a). This is talking about people who believe in Jesus and ask God to forgive their sins. These people will be blessed. They will also have the right to eat from the tree of life in heaven. That will be wonderful!
I want to be a clean person before God. I want God to forgive my sins. Then I will be able to live forever with God and Jesus. I hope you want God to forgive your sins, too.