Today we will talk about one of the hardest parts of Jesus? prayer. Jesus did not say, ?forgive us.? He prayed (verse 12), ?Forgive the sins we have done, the same as we have forgiven the people that did wrong to us.?
Think about these things: We should forgive people quickly. We should completely forget the ways someone has hurt us. We should treat them like it never happened. We should forgive people the way we want God to forgive us.
Jesus? words may be strange or shocking to us. We sometimes think that God will forgive us for whatever we do and that we don?t have to do anything. But Jesus taught that if we do not forgive other people, God will not forgive us! Jesus also taught this in Matthew 18:23-25 and Mark 11:25.
God is ready and willing to forgive us with His perfect grace. This forgiveness happens through Jesus. But God expects us to be humble. Then we can receive His grace. He wants us to give grace (forgiveness) to others. Why? Because He gives His grace to us.