When I first learned about salvation through Jesus, I was excited to know that my sins could be forgiven. I knew that my past sins were wiped away.
Now that I am a Christian, God continues to forgive my sins. I can pray to Him and ask Him to remove my sins. Each day is a new beginning for me.
In our Bible Reading today, God said that the sins of Israel ?were like a big cloud. But I wiped away those sins. Your sins are gone, like a cloud that disappeared into thin air? (verse 22). Have you ever been in a cloud of fog? One minute you can?t see what is in front of you. And the next minute, the fog has disappeared.
That is how it is with our sins. Jesus died on the cross and took the punishment for our sins. Because of that great sacrifice, we can have our sins forgiven.
I hope that your sins have been forgiven. If you are not yet a Christian, study the Bible and learn more about God?s plan for removing your sins.