Sometimes people do mean things to me. Maybe someone has hurt you or made you feel bad. How did you feel? Probably you felt angry.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus told a story about a king and his servant. The servant owed the king a lot of money. But the king forgave his servant and said he didn?t owe any money. This servant found another man who owed him money. But the evil servant refused to be patient. He put the man in jail. When the king learned what had happened, he put the evil servant in jail.
Jesus ended His story (verse 35) by saying, ?This king did the same as my heavenly Father will do to you. You must truly forgive your brother or sister, or my heavenly Father will not forgive you.? We need to be like the king in the story. We need to forgive other people. Then God will forgive our sins.
Think about your life. Maybe there is a person you need to forgive today.