Forgiving Others

When someone hurts me, I sometimes think of how I can hurt them back. Probably all of us struggle with forgiving other people. Usually we can forgive them, but we don’t want to.
When someone hurts us, we may want to see them suffer, just like we did. But true forgiveness means that instead of making them suffer, we forgive them for what they did. Suppose someone hurts me and I grab them by the neck and shake them. Then I say, “I forgive you.” I am not doing what Jesus would do. I am not truly forgiving them.
Verse 17 of our Bible Reading says that God will forget people’s sins and “never again remember the evil they have done.” We need to be like that when we forgive people who have hurt us.
Maybe someone will hurt you today. What will you do? Will you do something bad back to them? Or will you be like Jesus and be loving and forgiving? —