Forgotten Love

Chapters two and three in Revelation include seven messages from Jesus to His followers in seven different cities. But these messages are not only for those churches. They are also for all of Jesus’ followers who are willing to learn from them.
Today’s Bible Reading is the message to the church in Ephesus. Jesus was happy about many things that church was doing. They worked hard. They did not accept false teachers. They did not stop following Jesus when they suffered.
But Jesus was sad about one thing: these people had forgotten about the love they had when they first began following Him. Jesus wanted them to worship Him because they loved Him, and not because worshiping Him was a habit.
It is okay to do good things and to talk about Jesus. But if we are not doing those things because we love Him, then those things have no meaning. You cannot have a relationship with Jesus just by doing things. You need to love Jesus with all your heart.