Recently my husband built a new shed and covered the outside with vinyl siding. When he placed the first strip of siding along the foundation he was very careful. He made sure the first piece was perfectly level. Why? Because if that first piece was crooked, the rest of the siding would be crooked, too.
That’s how it is in our lives. We need to be careful to make God the foundation of our lives. When we follow and obey God, He blesses us. First, God blesses us while we live on earth. Our lives may not be all good times, but God takes care of us and shows us how to live. Second, when we die, we will spend eternity with God. Those are wonderful blessings!
In our Bible Reading, Paul lists several ways we can make God the foundation of our lives. We can share the Good News about Jesus with other people, be the kind of person God will accept and stay away from evil people. I hope you will make God the foundation of your life today!