Four Kittens

I walked with my mom one day. We saw four kittens. They were stuck at the bottom of a hill. My mom and I saw that the kittens were very scared. We called the kittens, but they would not come to us. We tried to climb down to them but the hill was too steep. My mom and I did everything we could to help the kittens. Finally two kittens climbed up to us. The other two kittens died. Why? Because they were too scared to move.
Jesus wants every person to follow Him. He came to earth to teach us about God. Jesus healed many sick people. He even died to save us from the punishment for our sins. Some people do not follow Jesus. Why? Because they are scared. Some people say that it is too hard to follow Jesus. These people believe that the Bible is only a list of rules that are difficult to obey.
Verse 28 of our Bible Reading says, “Come to me all of you that are tired and have heavy burdens. I will give you rest.” Jesus loves you. He is waiting to help and comfort you. Give your burdens to Him today.