Four Men

How many friends do you have? I hope that you have many friends like the four men in our Bible Reading today.
These four men brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. They wanted Jesus to heal the man. But when they arrived at the house, it was crowded. “…they could not bring the man to Jesus because the house was full of people” (verse 4a). So the four men made a hole in the roof and lowered the paralyzed man to where Jesus was. Jesus healed the man. The man “took his mat and walked out of the room” (verse 12b).
These four men were very good friends. Why? Because they wanted their paralyzed friend to be healed. We should want good things to happen to our friends, too. But most important, we should want our friends to know and follow Jesus.
Think about your friends today. Do you have some friends who do not follow Jesus? You have an opportunity today to tell them about Jesus and what He has done for you.