Freedom (2)

I admit that sometimes I worry. How about you? Do you worry about money, getting cancer or your children being in a car accident?
Freedom in Jesus means trust. Worrying is the opposite of trust. If I really trust God to take care of me, then I have no reason to worry. But it is difficult for me to give all my worries to God. Sometimes I give a worry to Him, but if my problem is not solved right away, I take the worry back from God. And I start worrying again!
God doesn’t want us to worry. Worry makes us unhappy and causes all kinds of physical problems. And worry is useless. Like our Bible Reading says, “You cannot add any time to your life by worrying about it” (verse 27).
Our Bible Reading also gives us a way to stop worrying. Instead of worrying, we should focus on “God’s kingdom and doing the good things God wants you to do” (verse 33). If we do that and trust God to take care of us, we won’t have any time to worry!