Freedom (3)

Some people I know are not satisfied with their lives. God has blessed them with good things. But these people always want more — more money, bigger houses and more possessions.
Freedom in Jesus means satisfaction. In our Bible Reading, Paul talked about times when he was poor and when he was rich, times when he was hungry and when he was well-fed. Paul said in verse 11b, “I have learned to be satisfied with the things I have and with everything that happens.”
Are you like Paul? Or are you always searching for more? Maybe you think that a bigger lawn mower or a new pair of shoes will make you satisfied. But then when you get the mower or the shoes, you still are not satisfied.
If you are free in Jesus, then you need to know that God is taking care of your needs. And you need to learn to be satisfied with what you have. Paul was satisfied because he depended on God to give him strength. God will give you strength and satisfaction, too!