Freedom (4)

Recently I saw an old friend. She looked so pale and tired. Later I learned that this woman did something wrong. But she is not willing to ask God to forgive this sin. She feels guilty all the time. Her guilt affects her physically and emotionally.
Freedom in Jesus means happiness. And our Bible Reading today clearly tells us about happiness. Verse 1 says, “A person is very happy when his sins are forgiven.” True happiness comes when we confess our sins to God and ask for His forgiveness. God can remove your sin — no matter how bad you think it is.
Sometimes when we sin, we face bad things here on earth. God will probably not remove the physical consequences of our sin, but He will remove the sin.
Do you have unconfessed sin in your life? If you are not a Christian, accept Jesus as your Savior and ask Him to remove your sin. If you are already a Christian, confess your sin to God. Then ask for His forgiveness. That’s how you can be truly happy!