Freedom in Jesus

Chapter 5 of Romans tells us that we have peace with God. We have this peace because we are made right with God. We have freedom in Jesus. We can be free from our guilt and sin. But how can we be free?
Every person except Jesus has sinned. The Bible tells us that there must be punishment for our sins. Will God punish Christians? NO! Through Jesus, we have forgiveness of our sins. When are sins are forgiven, we are free from the punishment that we deserve. When we believe in Jesus and obey Him, we receive forgiveness from God. We are made right with God because of Jesus.
Forgiveness also makes us happy. Verse 11 of our Bible Reading says, “And not only will we be saved, but we are also very happy now. We are happy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of Jesus that we are now God’s friends.” If you are a Christian, you are God’s friend.
Be happy today and thank God for His wonderful gift of freedom through Jesus