The word Friday comes from the Roman goddess, Venus. The planet Venus was named for her. Venus is often the brightest star in the night sky. Sometimes it is so bright that we can see it during the day.
Many times in the New Testament Christians are told to be full of light. This means that they should do good things and show God’s love to other people. The world is full of sin (darkness). Christians should be the light that makes the darkness go away.
If we want to do good things, we should be wise. Verse 15 of our Bible Reading says, “So be very careful how you live. Don’t live like people who are not wise. But live wisely.” These verses continue to tell us how we can live wisely: learn what the Lord wants you to do (verse 17), be filled with the Spirit (verse 18), sing and make music to God (verse 19), and give thanks to God for everything (verse 20).
I hope that you will be God’s light in the dark world of sin today.