I think that every person needs good friends. Friends are honest with each other. Friends love and respect each other. Friends help each other. I hope that you have some good friends who help you.
The Christians in the church at Philippi were Paul?s friends. When Paul wrote to these people, he told them that he loved them. Verses 3 and 4 of our Bible Reading say, ?I thank God every time I remember you. And I always pray for all of you with joy.?
Christian friends are very special. Why? Because Christian friends help us be closer to God. Verses 9 through 11 are a prayer that Paul prayed for his Christian friends. Paul wanted these people to obey God and do things that bring praise to God.
Think about your Christian friends. Maybe you can call them or write them today. Tell your friends that you love them. Encourage them to become stronger Christians. And don?t forget to thank God for your good friends.