From the Father*

When we watch Christmas programs or plays, we remember that Mary was the mother of Jesus. God chose Mary to give birth to Jesus and to take care of Him. But the Bible tells us that Jesus was with God in the beginning when He made the world. Jesus was much, much older than His mother, Mary!
Several times in the Bible, Jesus said, “I came from the Father.” Jesus was talking about God, His Father in heaven. We know that Jesus was born of a woman on earth. But more important, we need to remember that Jesus came from His Father in heaven. This is the strong foundation of our Christian faith.
Jesus told the Jews that He came from God. The Jewish leaders did not believe this. They became angry. Eventually the Jewish leaders’ anger led them to kill Jesus.
At this Christmas season, don’t forget that Jesus came from the Father. Share your faith with people who don’t know about Jesus and salvation through Him.