Funeral Lessons (1)

Recently my mother passed away. At her funeral, we remembered her Christian life. During that time, God reminded me of some very important lessons. Today and for the next two days, I will share these with you.
The first lesson I remembered was that “you can’t take it with you.” As my family and I sorted through my mother’s possessions, I thought about our world today. People think that having the newest electronic devices or the fastest cars is most important. But no matter who you are, you can’t take a cell phone or fancy car with you when you die.
Jesus reminded us of this in our Bible Reading. In verse 19, He said, “Don’t save treasure for yourselves on earth. Moths and rust will destroy them. And thieves can break into your house and steal them.” Then Jesus said that we should save treasures in heaven. These treasures are the good things we do for God’s kingdom.
Don’t spend your time today trying to get more possessions. Instead, share the Good News about Jesus with others!