Funeral Lessons (3)

The last lesson that God helped me remember is the importance of my Christian family and friends. Many of my mom’s relatives and friends came to her funeral. Some of these people are not Christians. It was nice to see these people again, but all they seemed to do was brag about their money and their possessions. I felt sad that these people want to live for themselves and not for God.
In the New Testament we can read letters that Paul wrote to Christians. In our Bible Reading today, we learn about Paul’s relationship with the Christians in Philippi. Paul loved these people, and they loved Paul. Paul prayed for these Christians, and they supported and encouraged him.
Think about your family members and friends who are Christians. Remember the times when you laughed together, cried together and prayed together. Then thank God for these Christian people. Thank God that your Christian family and friends have supported you and helped you be closer to Him.