Garden of Eden

Our Bible Reading today tells us about when God created the earth. He made a special garden in a placed called Eden. God put Adam and Eve there. Everything was perfect!
When Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, they had everything they could ever want. And most important, they had close fellowship with God.
Genesis, chapter 3, tells us that Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Then everything wasn’t perfect any more. God made Adam and Eve leave the garden. They no longer had close fellowship with God.
Later, at exactly the right time, God sent Jesus to the earth. He died so that we can have a special relationship with God. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, He will live with you and help you. Everything on earth won’t be perfect, but you will have the promise of eternal life with God. Eternal life with God in heaven will be perfect!
Maybe today you can share Jesus with someone. Help them to know that they can have a close relationship with God, too.