Gardens (2)

After Jesus ate the Passover meal with His disciples, they went across the Kidron Valley to a garden. Luke 22:39-46 tells us that Jesus prayed while He was in the garden.
Jesus told His disciples to wait while He prayed. But the disciples were very tired. They fell asleep while Jesus was praying.
When Jesus finished praying, some soldiers came to Him. Judas was with the group of soldiers. Judas had followed Jesus for three years. But then Judas turned against Jesus. The soldiers arrested Jesus and took Him before the Jewish high priest.

Verse 4a of our Bible Reading says, “Jesus knew everything that would happen to him.” Jesus knew that He would be arrested, beaten, and killed. But Jesus did not run away. He asked God to give Him strength. Then Jesus did what God wanted Him to do.
We should be like Jesus. We should always do what God wants us to do.