Gardens (3)

The people who did not like Jesus took Him and crucified (killed) Him on a cross. Jesus suffered a terrible death. But Jesus was willing to do this because He loves us so much!
Our Bible Reading today tells us that two men, Joseph and Nicodemus, took Jesus’ body and put special spices on it. Then they wrapped the body in linen cloth. Finally, they put Jesus’ body in a tomb in a garden.
As Joseph and Nicodemus prepared Jesus’ body, I imagine they were very sad. Jesus was their friend and teacher. Now He was dead. Probably Joseph and Nicodemus did not understand why Jesus had to die.

The next chapter of John tells us that Jesus arose in the garden, too. This was a part of God’s special plan to save people from their sins. By rising from the dead, Jesus conquered death and the devil.
Be happy today because Jesus arose. Thank God for His wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus.