Gardens (4)

Today is Sunday. But this is a special Sunday. This is the day when Christians around the world especially remember that Jesus died and arose. Some people call this day Easter. Other people call it Resurrection Day.
On that special Sunday morning, Jesus’ followers went to the tomb in the garden. But when they went into the tomb, they saw that Jesus’ body was gone! So some of the people went back home. But Mary, one of Jesus’ followers, stayed in the garden. Our Bible Reading says that Mary saw two angels at the tomb. Then Mary turned and saw a man. She thought it was the man who took care of the garden. But the man was Jesus!

Verse 16 says, “Jesus said to her, ‘Mary.'” Then Mary recognized Jesus. Mary must have been so excited and happy to know that Jesus was alive again. She hurried to tell Jesus’ followers that He was alive.
Wow! The greatest miracle of all happened – Jesus arose from the dead. Jesus arose for you and for me!