Genesis (1)

I was driving through the mountains. The road twisted and turned and went up and down. I was concentrating on my driving, so I did not have time to enjoy the scenery around me.

Then I came around a curve and saw a wide valley in front of me. I stopped so I could look at the land. It took my breath away! I could see farm workers in the fields far below and a large area of tall trees. I also could see a lake and a river. I praised God for the wonderful world He created.

What I saw made me think about our Bible verses today. These verses tell us that on the third day of creation, God made the dry land appear. And He put grass, plants and trees on the earth. That must have been very beautiful. “And God saw that this was good” (verse 12b).

Take time today to stop and look around you. Praise God for all the wonderful things He has made for you!