Genesis (3)

I have seen many rainbows in my life. Some have been so beautiful that I have hurried to get my camera and take a picture.But I especially remember one rainbow. It seemed to stretch from one side of our neighborhood to the other. The colors were very bright and clear. I remember that I was carrying home groceries when I stopped to look at this rainbow. I stood there so long that my ice cream melted!

As I looked at that rainbow, I prayed. I felt like I could reach out and touch God. This was a time of praise, and I thanked God and gave Him all the glory for the beautiful rainbow. The rainbow soon faded away, but I still remember it many years later.

Our Bible verses tell us that God made a rainbow as a sign that He always keeps His promises. When we see a rainbow, we remember that God promised to never again send a flood to destroy all life on earth. God keeps all of His promises. You can always depend on Him and His Word.