Our Bible Reading today is only one short verse. But it is an important verse for all husbands. “Husbands, love your wives, and be gentle to them.”
I am a husband. As the head of the house, I set goals for my family. But sometimes my wife becomes distracted and does not help me with these goals. Should I become bitter and treat her badly? No. I should be gentle with her.
My wife has some weaknesses in her life. Sometimes she will forget to do something. I know I should not be upset with her. Sometimes I forget where I put my glasses. We all forget. We all have weaknesses. I need to be gentle with my wife and treat her kindly.
Paul wrote this verse for husbands. But I think we can apply it to all Christians. We should be gentle and willing to forgive when other people fail. Look for ways to practice being gentle with your family and your brothers and sisters in Christ.